Dec 23, 2012

What's not great about Alabama weather?

I'll ask it again: What's not great about Alabama weather? It's December and it's cold, but not as cold as you'd get up north. I have some friends that live in Indiana and Michigan and oh boy, the stories they tell me about snow (I mean look at this). If there's one thing I don't like, it's snow. Nice to look at, but not so nice to drive in. I don't envy my friends one bit in that aspect. Driving on slick roads is not for me. I can't imagine what the traffic must be like in a snowstorm and I definitely would not be taking my Mercedes out in one.

What do we get? We get some cold in Tuscaloosa as I said, MAYBE some snow here or there, but it's usually still nice enough to where you don't hate being outside. What does a snow storm look like to us? Well, this:

You can go for walks and you don't have to brush snow off your car or worry about salting your driveway. People will still roll down their car windows to yell ROLL TIDE ROLL! You don't have to bundle up in full down gear, hats, gloves, and scarves (although some still do). Do we miss the summer nights? Absolutely. Is winter bearable? Again, absolutely (check out the climate facts). The north is pretty, but I'm not a 4-seasons type of guy. I don't care if there's a White Christmas. I want an Alabama Championship and an ice cold beer without the ice cold weather. I want my car sitting in my driveway, snow and salt free. I want to put on jeans and a light jacket, not boots. That's my kind of winter.