Sep 5, 2012

An Overview of Drag Racing

Drag racing is very popular in the United States. Drag racing is a sport in which cars race on a track with a certain distance as quickly as possible. Drag racing is a form of competition in which two vehicles try (usually two cars and motorcycles), fill out a short, straight and level course in the shortest possible time after the arrest as the Sprint name is known. Drag racing is an acceleration contest between two vehicles over a quarter of a mile.

Drag Racing is a myth that some experts, not only attracts but also in adults. Drag racing is exciting events to attend, with speeds comparable only with the incredible noise of the precision machined engines. Drag Racing has asked its name from the slang of the street or on the street as "Main Street", and "is a synonym of street racing. Drag Racing cars are the ones that will move more easily and normal form. Drag Racing is a recognized sport in the 1950s, popular, and stayed there.

Cars can the compressor or nitrous oxide. For fan-limited edition 8th Cars have progressed rapidly, and if you can even seven seconds quarter mile. Cars in street classes (the street is legal) are the only exception to this pre-race ritual, as the grooved tires tend to retain a little water. Drag Racing Cars can turbocharger, supercharger or nitrous oxide are being built. The low-end cars are the $ 20,000 Chrysler Neon SRT-4, with a turbo 230 to do about 00-60 mph in the fifth

Increases strength, depending on the size of the engine changes. A car can really fly halfway around the motor strip and coast to the end of the runway in a victory for the (relatively) slower than its competitors, and more with less elapsed time. There are literally hundreds of different classes in drag racing, each with different requirements and restrictions on things such as weight, type of engine size, body changes, and many others. The faster categories of drag racing "is an impressive spectacle, with engines of more than 5 MW (6700 hp) against the noise (measured in March. Increases the overall increase in energy prices than the speed of the motor (r rpm revolutions per minute) but only to a point before the power fade begins.

If the front tires of a vehicle break the first beam, called the means of the stage, light, before the transfer of the Christmas tree that the driver is about seven inches from the line. If the current pilot phase of the beam, the front tires are exactly on the start line and light in the scene tree is lit when the vehicle is ready for competition. If both vehicles are fully assembled, activated the starter the tree, and each driver will focus on three yellow lights on the side of the tree. The Clock from beginning to end is the time of the vehicle (e. A rider may leave the start line too early will be disqualified, while the streets touching on the border (either by crossing the center line, the wall or the sale or as a grid as sensors), if not on stage, or failing that an inspection is weighed after the race (in NHRA class racing, vehicles are usually controlled and fuel to take place after each race and complete disassembly of the engine after a victory of the events).

Drag Racing is the best show on wheels. Drag Racing "is driving safely, but it is coherent, while driving, it's a little hard-earned money for tires, repairs and modifications to the victims. Drag Racing is a very American sport and is a United States that Americans love . Drag Racing is a business decision and leisure, the sense for everyone.